In March 2008, Master Paul Pears created `Yu Kang Do`. This was after he had witnessed over the years, so many people being turned away from learning Martial Arts, because they did not fit that clubs criteria!

You need a Martial Art that can adapt to the way YOU are, regardless of age, gender or ability!!!

You do not have to be fit or flexible, that will come with time and the right teaching and we welcome anyone who wants to train in a Martial Art and learn Self-Defence.

In the Self-Defence techniques that we practice, the students safety comes first! That is why we only use `light contact`, as it keeps things as real as possible and it will not be as much of a shock if you are ever attacked. The use of Pads are essential, as they give you instant feedback on how it feels to strike, block, kick etc.

It is not enough to just learn the various physical movements within our art, you will also learn about its history and be able to know and understand the 5 Tenets and the meanings of each one.

You will learn to have more respect for yourself, as well as for other people. Knowing where your art comes from and all the hard work and sacrifices of past and present masters, will give you a better understanding of how Martial Arts have evolved over the years.

Yu Kang Do emphasizes breathing using the Diaphragm, where the abdomen pushes out when inhaling and is pulled in upon exhalation. Normally, we would expand and contract the chest as we breathe. Using the diaphragm, creates quicker movement and develops more power within yourself.

Yu Kang Do practitioners, will always try to avoid any trouble, however, if they were to be attacked, they would stop an attacker as quickly as possible using their Martial skills. The philosophy behind Yu Kang Do is like any other  martial art, one of Pyung Ahn (Peaceful Confidence).