Paul Pears Karate was founded in 2008 and is built on `Traditional Values` and it has everything needed to be an effective `Modern Day Martial Art`, making it perfect for adults and children wanting to learn a Self-defence system to protect themselves.

“My system of Martial Art adapts to you, regardless of your ability or age. It is easy to learn, easy to practice and of course, a very effective Self-Defence System! Below is a brief meaning of what I teach and there is a full description on the Articles page”.

​유 Yu – [Soft] This utilises your `internal strength` and helps to give you more concentration and focus. You do not always have meet force with force. There is a saying “if you can`t do it slow, you can`t do it fast”.

 Kang – [Hard]  This utilises your `external energy` and creates a strong foundation for the rest of your life. It also has to do with determination and your willpower, never giving in nor yielding, but always staying focused at the task in hand.

 Do – [The Way]  or [Way of Life]. Martial Arts training will change the way you move and the way that you think. Anyone practicing our Martial Art, will have a more optimistic and a happier outlook on their life. There are no problems… Only answers! You do not have to be fit or flexible, that will come with time and the right teaching and training. It is one of the few activities that the whole family can do together and at the same time. Regardless of your ability, age or fitness levels, Yu Kang Do is achievable for everyone and is very rewarding! I believe the two most important things in life that a person can learn and especially children, are… Learn how to swim and learn a Martial Art! Both can save your life and are especially beneficial for your health.

What makes a good club ?

Finding a good club is hard, finding a good teacher who is passionate about teaching authentic Martial Arts, is even harder. Do not be fooled by lots of students in a class, the more there are, the less individual attention the teacher can give you. I am not saying that they are not good, just be careful about where you go. Do research on the club and teacher first and if you get chance, talk to the students and parents and listen to their feed back.

Just because someone earns a black belt, does not make them a good teacher. I aim to make my students better than myself, that is because I want them to be able to have a better healthier life and learn to look after themselves, their loved ones and friends.

On the subject of money, do not be ripped off! By this I mean:-

Do not sign anything or enter into a contract.

Do not pay anything up front. If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is !!!

Never give away any details about yourself unless you feel comfortable about it.

Lastly, Trust your gut feeling, if it does not feel right, it probably isn`t!

– Master Paul Pears-