Um-Yang represents a theory that the Korean people believe in. They believe that: within the universe,  there co-exists equal elements of opposites and these are: Light/dark, heaven/earth, right /wrong, love/hate, good/evil, strong/weak etc. The ancient scholars believed that, it is the interaction of these two forces, which makes up the dynamic shape of movement of life that we see all around us. The symbol for the Korean Um-Yang is a red top half and blue bottom half and has a squiggly flowing line through the middle. It has been said that, the symbol represents two dragons swallowing each other in a constant rotational pull that is without any beginning or any end. It is really important to understand that the symbol is not just a circle divided into two halves.

It is always good to note that, the interaction of the different degrees of opposites, are always equal. All things, human or animal, must learn to co-exist and learn to create a harmonious balance to develop the ultimate good within nature, mankind and the universe.

Using the analogy of building a house

Building your ‘Moral Character’ and ‘Physical Attributes’ are the fundamental basis of Martial Arts and is to my mind, likened to building a house. First you must lay your foundations (Basic techniques, stances and combinations). Then one would build the structure which gives the house strength (forms and their applications). You would not build a house on a foundation of sand or lose gravel, because if you did, the house would surely move or collapse in a heap of rubble. Not learning the basic development of any Martial Art from white belt through to black belt and beyond is like using inferior materials for your houses foundations. It is this concept that the Um and Yang utilises to develop a harmonious balance within “Oneself,” Humanity, Nature and the Universe.