All Martial Arts these days should have their own codes that they live by. As a Martial Arts practitioner and as an instructor, I have a responsibility to live by these codes and in turn, pass them on to my students.

1. Always be proud of who you are and where you come from
You should be proud of your country and promote it in a positive manner.
2. Always be loyal and loving to your parents & loved one`s
Look after your parents in their later life, as they looked after you growing up. Always be Respectful and be Considerate of your Partners feelings.
3. Have trust and honesty amongst your friends

Honesty and truth is what makes for a great lasting friendship.

4. Never retreat in the face of an enemy or a problem 

Facing a difficult situation and not running away, will make you a much stronger person.

5. Never misuse or abuse your Art

Don`t act the fool and show off, especially to impress somebody!


In ancient times, Korea was constantly being invaded and people had to learn to fight to defend their beloved country. The lives and well-being of their families depended on their skills in both armed and unarmed combat. The invading armies would take no prisoners…

Loyalty to one’s country doesn’t mean just defending it in battle; one should strive to show pride of one’s nation both at home and abroad. Football hooligans for example, have loyalty, but only to themselves, lager and violence! When they go abroad to football matches, their main ambition in life is to make trouble. The world then sees their country as a country to avoid and views its people in the same manner. It is therefore essential to show other countries a truer picture of loyalty other than that shown by football hooligans.

In the two world wars that have passed, people from many countries came together in alliances to defend any nation under threat from invading armies. This would, in turn, stop the invading armies eventually reaching the homelands of the defending alliances. Many gave their lives in so doing – the ultimate display of loyalty.


Does the mere act of being born mean you owe your parents respect and all the help you can give them? I believe so! The children of today are all too often competing with each other – they have to have the best trainers, designer-labelled clothing etc. As with most parents, the money tree in the garden is not always blooming. Children expect so much in modern day society and if their demands are not met, they rebel. They feel so hard done by.

The greatest gift they have is right in front of them, the people who care for them. Whether it be, Mum, Dad, Nan or whoever has chosen the undeniably difficult task of parenting. Who best to guide them through their life, than the people who have their best interests at heart. Parents may not be perfect, but we have made all the mistakes that children are making, so who best to advise them of what lies ahead if they choose to take the wrong path!

Ideals such as respect and obedience begin as just words to children. We at `Paul Pears Karate`, make sure they understand exactly what they mean. The second rule in their licence is ` You shall obey your parents`. As they grow mentally and attain the martial spirit, obedience to their parents becomes second nature. 


How many people can you call true friends? To trust someone and to gain their trust takes time, sometimes years. Once trust has been earned amongst friends, then that relationship goes to a higher plain and with trust comes the Respect, Honour and Honesty. You get a sense of well being and security. How many of us can say we have these or even one these qualities in our friends?

In battle, you have to know you have your back covered. During the wars and skirmishes of times gone by, giving your life to save a friend from being wounded or killed was quite common. Without the aid of their comrades, warriors of yesteryear would surely have had their lives ended by their enemies attacking them from behind. When faced by certain defeat, soldiers would stand back to back and fight till their dying breath. If you were wounded, who would carry you to safety? Even when chancing death by being impaled upon a sword or spear, not having a hand free to defend yourself, true friends would strive to remove their comrades from the field of battle.

There are many stories of people risking their own lives to save their fellow man/woman. So why do they do it? Maybe the life of another human being is far more important than their own! The pain and suffering of another is not nice to watch. There are many surviving veteran soldiers and even today they are still haunted by nightmares of the Second World War, Vietnam War, the Falklands War and many other conflicts. Memories of watching their mates, comrades and even their enemies being killed are too much to bear. Killing someone or something is as easy as pulling a trigger, but we humans have a conscience! Living with the act afterwards is a different thing. The thought of the suffering you have caused eats you up inside. Many murderers give themselves in to the police because they cannot live with the torment and need to confess their sin/s. Without friends in our lives, life would be awfully lonely!


Over the centuries, retreating in battle meant that your home, land and possessions would be captured. You and your family could be raped and killed, and your country taken over by the marauding armies. Retreating can only lead to defeat, not only in battle but to your self-respect.

Armies such as the Samurai Warriors, always stood their ground and only moved forwards, giving their lives freely in the process. Sometimes without even getting the chance to draw their weapon as arrows hailed down upon them.

Once you have taken a step backwards, the path ahead gets longer and harder to achieve.

Principals and morals seem to have disappeared from the society of today and sometimes life doesn’t seem to go your way. So what are you going to do – take a pill? There seems to be one for everything these days. Where is the courage in that?  Is it not better to face or at least try and face your fears? You will become stronger and happier for it.


People who train in any martial art are less likely to be violent and go out killing other members of our society. Attacking people just for the hell of it, should never be in a martial artists nature. We learn to control ourselves through our training. Wouldn’t it be better to control a situation that has gotten out of hand, by words rather than by aggression? If you can defuse the other person’s anger by using your wit and cunning, doesn’t that make you the winner anyway? Fighting never has a winner. You knock the other guy out, so what does that prove? It proves you have no self-control.

Being attacked is a very different story. Once you are attacked, then the gloves come off. You can use whatever means necessary to defend yourself. Once you have got the better of the attacker, walk away. You are not justified in kicking the guy’s head like it’s a football. Once the threat or danger has passed, then stop. You have done what is needed to take control. If you do more than necessary, then you become the one police come looking for and end up with a criminal record and may even face prison! 

If you are attacked and severely injure your assailant, then you are duty bound to call for an ambulance. Or at the very least, call for assistance from any one that can help in any way. Take responsibility for your own actions! Don’t put yourself in that situation. Avoidance is the key here!

Learning a martial art should teach you how to spot and avoid potential dangers. Your instructor should be telling you and showing you, how to avoid certain areas and spot `would be attackers` etc.

Somebody famous (Bruce Lee) once said of his martial art “The art of fighting without fighting” and as a martial artist, that should be very true. But when faced with that mugger, rapist, etc, then you have the right to defend yourself with what ever means necessary to subdue your attacker and put an end to the threat.

Always make sure you are just in what you do, because it has a habit of coming back to haunt you!!!