I do not take on new students. The only exeption is if you are already experienced in the Martial Arts, an adult and can do the basics: Punches, Kicks, Blocks etc.

Yes! You must produce your grading/licence book and previous certificates.

Yes! I can cover whatever you need in a classroom or outside environment, regardless of your style or system. I also teach private students and you do not need any experience, in fact it is better that you have no experience, you will not have any bad habits to break!

There are rules and certain protocol to be followed, but I am quite relaxed when teaching unless students mess about or deliberately brake the rules.

Both! I teach a Martial Art that has the Traditions of old and the Self-defence for todays society. All the techniques I teach will work in a Combat situation (on the street). The forms (Hyung, Kata etc) all have combat moves in them, a lot of clubs/schools teach out-of-date applications!