Master Pears Bio

15 years old. The style of karate was,
WADO RYU. This I did for four and a half years, under the instruction of Sensei, now (Hanshi) Barry Tatlow. I trained in JUDO for the last year of senior school. Due to personal circumstances, I had to stop training for quite some time. I realised my passion for martial arts had never gone away. I went back to WADO RYU under the instruction of Sensei Graeme Tuckey. This only lasted for 6 months, as I moved away from the area. Did a year or so of kung fu, `WHA DUC LUNG` (pure white dragon). The instructor was Bob Wheatherall. He is very well known in the martial arts community and an excellent instructor.

SHOTOKAN karate came next. The instructor was Sensei John Barker. This man’s a tough cookie. Natural street fighter and scars to prove it.

I joined the `English Contact Karate Association`, under Grandmaster Dev Barrett, 8 times European full contact champion.

I started training with Master Tony Johnson in 1998, for over 7 years.
I achieved my 4th Dan (Master grade).

Martial arts have taught me a lot about myself and has given me confidence in my abilities. I am constantly trying to improve myself, both mentally and physically.

I have been to Korea to do intense training in an art called Dahn Mu Do. This is an internal martial art, where the development of Ki (chi) is the main focus. It has forms and combat applications like any other martial art. I was presented with a formal Dahnmudo uniform and was awarded an honoury Master grade by Grandmaster Kim.

Due to knee problems, I retired from full time training and teaching in August 2006.

After much soul searching, I returned to full time training in March 2007.

T.E.I.K.O was established in March 2008. There are around 50 active members.

I achieved my 5th Dan in June 2012. Presented by
Grand Master Ian Parker 8th Dan.

We also practice weapons at our club, mainly Knife and Staff.

I travel to Peterborough as often as possible to train with:
Grand Master Ian Parker 8th Dan and his serial kickers. He is a man I admire very much. We are planning lots of projects together in the future!

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