Trust your `gut instinct`, it is usually right. It is a primeval built-in indicator that our ancestors had to live by every day just to survive. Very rare it will be wrong! Once you are certain you are in a situation that is uncomfortable, I recommend that in response, you do the three things below and in the order I have put them.


If you have the opportunity to talk, do not be a smart arse! By that I mean: Do not use words that will make them worse, like “hey mate, you need to calm down” or “don`t you think you are being a twat”. That is a sure way to anger and incite a `would be` attacker. I say `would be`, because maybe they just want to be verbal to someone and you are it. Trying to stay calm and talking to them just may sway them from causing you bodily harm! Now, most of us have an ego and we do not like being called names and threatened. But, unless they show definite intentions of attack, do not wade in with your size 9`s…. So what if they call you a “fucking idiot” or other fanciful names, they are only words…. `Sticks and stones may break my bones` and all that!!!

CCCTV does not usually pick up sound, so someone saying those nasty names to you cannot be heard. But, if you start laying into them after they just verbally threaten you, all the cameras see is, YOU attacking THEM!!! Then, YOU are nicked. There is a saying “the Cemetery is full of dead heroes”. Live to fight another day.


Run or walk away if at all possible. Remember, the best battles are won without fighting. They can’t hurt you if they can’t catch you and it’s far more difficult to cause you any physical harm if you’re `high tailing it out of there`. Lots of noise attracts attention! They are less likely to stick around if attention is being drawn to them! Shouting, `Help`, will not necessarily make people come to your rescue. In fact, most people will go in the opposite direction, so they do not have to get involved! However, shouting `FIRE` will have a greater effect… We all love a good fire!!

That `Adrenalin Rush` will kick in at some point and it can give you some heightened capabilities or make you incapable of moving. It is also worth mentioning that, adrenalin can work as a pain barrier. Remember that fall when you were worse for alcohol and fell over, or you got in a fight at school and got hurt? You did not feel any pain until sometime after! That is because chemicals are released by the brain to safe guard us at that moment of being hurt. It is only when the adrenalin wears off that we have flashbacks of those events. Learn to control it by taking a deep breath in, slowly, taking a deep breath in too quick, will certainly make you slightly light headed. Try to avoid ‘freezing’ with fright. With regular training, you will recognise the feeling and will be able to control your breathing and use the added control it will bring you and `get the hell out of there`. If you ladies out there like your high-heeled shoes, kick them off…. You can run faster. Make sure you take them with you, as they make a useful weapon if needed! May be just the difference between them attacking you or not. Who in their right mind would want to take on a woman with six inch heels in their hands!


If you absolutely sure that you have no other choice than to fight, strike fast and definitely strike hard! If this person gets the better of you, then it could be `good night Vienna`. As mentioned, if you do not have a choice, take the initiative and surprise the hell out of them with the ferocity and commitment of your attack. Attack whatever targets are available, especially their vulnerable zones. Once again, using lots of noise such as, shouting or screaming can give you that slight edge. Attack with such force that, they are so surprised by your actions and they are driven back by your attack. Never just rely on one strike! Oh no….. in fact, keep on going until you are certain that they are no longer a threat and they know that you are not giving in to them.

Hopefully, just making lots of noise will most likely be enough for them to give up and go somewhere else. They are looking for an `easy target`, do not let it be you! If there is more than one person, try to keep them all in sight. Try your absolute best to attack and finish off the first one and use such ferocity that the others may think twice before they commit to coming at you. You must know when to stop your onslaught. If your attacker is running away from you, you MUST let them go. Do not chase after them. Once again, that CCCTV will see you as the aggressor. Always stay on the right side of the law!!!