“The student does not adapt to the Martial Art, the Martial Art adapts to the student”

Everybody can benefit from getting `proper` tuition from a teacher who can expand your mind and their own. They should pass on their knowledge and experience to you freely and get the best from every student they take on and teach!

“Disability….. No disability….. it does not matter, we are all different in one way or another”

There are many aspects of training; Sparring, Self-defence, Forms etc and they can all be adapted to suit the individual. As long as you are willing to give everything that you can manage, you will reep the rewards. Patience from both student and teacher will be needed and there is no reason why you cannot achieve great things! As a teacher of the Arts, I show students what they can accomplish through hard work and determination. 

So if you are thinking of starting a Martial Art, look around and be guided by what and whom you see!