Great for children and it improves their ABC`s:

Attitude + Behaviour + Charactor.

It is where everyone regardless of their colour, religion, size, boy or girl, all get treated the same.

Teach children young and instill in them, their sense of what is right and what is wrong. Knowing their rights, is not the same as knowing their responsabilities!

Martial Arts and Swimming are 2 most important activities that children can do. Knowing both can save their lives and keep them safe.

I am very anti-bullying, especially in schools and the work place. Martial Arts does NOT make children or adults violent… quite the opposite! I teach Self-defence, I do not teach fighting! I teach students to do only what is needed to stop the would be attacker from causing them, their family and their friends from being hurt. However, sometimes it may be impossible to avoid trouble and we learn how to deal with that quickly and effectively, causing minimum injury to ourselves as well as whoever is trying to hurt us. That way we stay on the right side of the law.