All students who apply for promotion are needed to satisfy a number of requirements before they grade, this is called: (Initial Criteria) and these are set out below. These pre-requisites must be insisted upon for students wishing to grade are as follows:

  • They must attend classes on a regular, weekly basis. During classes they will be expected to work hard at all times, demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment. This assures that they are in the correct physical and mental condition in order to grade safely.
  • They must have a current and valid certificate of insurance. This protects them, their fellow students and the instructors from any litigation which may take place as a result of any accidental injuries or any other issues, which may cause problems to themselves or others.
  • They must complete all relevant and necessary documentation properly and include the relevant fees. No student will be accepted for promotion unless recommended by their instructor and examined to the satisfaction of the examiner. There is no need to waste any student’s time or demoralise them or by grading them for a qualification which they are not physically or mentally prepared for.

Three other points that we would like to make you aware about your grading are:

  • Expect to be nervous (adrenalin), this is a natural feeling that affects us all.
  • If you do not feel ready for the grading on the day (for whatever reason), then please do say so, you can always wait until the next available date.
  • There are no guaranteed passes! You are judged by your performance on the day.



Our belt system, in its progression from White to Black, represents the four seasons and educational steps of learning. The colour significance of the belts are as follows:

White/YellowFirst stages of learning and growth. Students learn customery respect and behaviour. Yellow can be likened to Winter Sun and hope for the future.

OrangeEarly spring. Student starts to build a good foundation of self-discipline, endurance and health.

PurpleSpring and new growth. The student has acquired new knowledge in order to grow and a sense of Yu Kang Do direction is being formed and developed.

GreenSummer. This level is the backbone of the Do jang as the student shows spirit, commitment and has displayed a sincere desire to learn.

BlueThis is half way to Black Belt. The student has now learned, that hard work and commitment bring great rewards!

BrownAutumn. The student displays strength, stamina, balance and co-ordination in their performance and begins to learn and to apply teaching skills.

RedPower, stability, agility, weight, wisdom. The student has confidence and has learned patience and perseverance.

Cho Dan BoThe student has now shown great skills & proficiency in Yu Kang Do. They must now prove to themselves and their Instructor, that they can meet the excellent standard expected & face their biggest challenge to date. They must have the highest standard of etiquette and display respect to senior and lower grades, at all times.

Black (Dan Grade): Total commitment. The student has become an accomplished YU KANG DO exponent, eager and willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. As a Dan grade, one continues to learn and to perfect skills, old and new. Weapons and more interesting Hyungs and fighting techniques will be learned as the student advances through the Dan grades.