Questions + Answers + Advice

Why Yu Kang Do?

Where everyone Gets Treated The Same

is martial arts for me?

Martial Arts does not care about who you are

am i too old?

This is a question I get asked a lot and my answer is…

what if i am disabled?

Our Martial Art adapts to the student

great for kids

What are the benefits?

create lasting friendships

For life long mates

A lifetime of martial arts

Still going strong after 47 years!

advice on training

How I think you should train

My Take On Forms

How I perform My Forms

train at home

Training is not just for inside the club

faced with an attacker

Advice on defending yourself

the 5 tenets

The codes that Martial Artists live by

grandmaster ian parker

My dragon brother

we practice weapons

This is great for being focussed

our club badge

What does it represent