I have put together some of my thoughts and information that I feel will benefit students of the Martial Arts. I hope that it helps and guides you along your journey.

We all need to defend ourselves and our loved ones, regardless of who we are and that is what I am all about!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have concerning the Martial Arts.

“The two things that everyone needs to learn are: Swimming and a Martial Art, both can save your life”



Greatly improves their ABC`s – Attitude + Behaviour + Charactor.

Everyone regardless of colour, religion, size, boy or girl, gets treated the same. It teaches children whilst they are young and instills their sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Knowing their rights, is not the same as knowing their responsabilities! Children start from 8 years old.




Training in the Martial Arts creates lasting friendships and a sense of pride in each others achievements.

The bond we form is like no other activity and we always have each others back.

It is an activity that we can do our entire lives, even into our older years.

A good Martial Art should always adapt to suit you, regardless of your age, ability and body type.




My most senior student, Master Craig Diaz 4th Dan, demonstrating the finer points of the Katana.

We practice weapons as part of our Martial Art: Sword, Knife and Staff are our main weapons.

Training in such things does NOT make students violent, it makes them responsible for their actions.

Great for Mind control and Body Conditioning.




Grandmaster Ian Parker 8th Dan, runs his own very successful Martial Arts Centre, `MPSK` in Bretton, Peterborough. If you ever get the chance to train with him, you will be impressed by his Self-defence skills and knowledge.

I have been friends with Grandmaster Parker for over 15 years and I hold him in very high regard. He is the one person that has given me the confidence in my own abilities!



Paul Pears Karate - Tile Hill, Coventry


The person in the centre is you, defending yourself.

The Japanese Symbol on the left says “Kara-Te” = Empty Hand.

The Red Cross represents the Cross of St. George, who is the patron saint of England.

The two Red circles represent the blood that we have running through our veins, The Colour of Life.

The whole badge represents how important the preservation of life is and how we can defend our lives from those that wish to harm us. We also use our skills to help the less fortunate and those that are vulnerable to harm.

Most frequent questions and answers

You will probably be nervous, this is quite normal. Whenever we start something new, especially where there are people we do not know, we worry that we will not fit in. You will be made very welcome by our very friendly students and by myself of course!

Wear anything that is loose, jogging bottoms and T shirt for example. We train in bare feet.

Your first two classes are free! Go to the `Fees` page for further info.

Our Self-defence techniques requires a certain amount of contact, but they are all done with your safety in mind. When we spar, we wear feet and hand protection. If you do not want to spar, no problem, I do not force any student to spar. 

You do not have to buy a uniform or get any type of insurance untill you decide to stay, usually after 4 weeks of training. All my prices are on the `Fees` page. I do not hide anything, what you see is what you pay.

The Future of Martial Arts


Teaching and guiding the next generation of students