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Here at Paul Pears Karate, everyone gets treated the same!


Hi, I am Master Paul Pears and I have been involved with the Martial Arts for over 46 years and I am currently a 6th degree black belt. I have put together my thoughts and information that I feel will benefit any student of the Martial Arts and hope you find something of interest that will help or guide you along your journey. I teach a Self-defence system that has been developed to suit all types of abilities. It doesn`t really matter if you have a bad hip, knee injuries, metal plate or whatever somewhere in your body. If you can`t do something like long stances, kick very well etc, then there is always something else you can do to get the same result. The great thing about the Martial Arts is, there are so many parts that make up a great system and everyone is encouraged to adapt things to suit themselves. At the end of the day, we all need to defend ourselves and our loved ones, regardless of who we are and that is what I am all about!

Master Pears and his Granddaughter Amelie, 8yrs old

Great for children, improves their ABC`s

Attitude + Behaviour + Charactor.

Everyone regardless of colour, religion, size, boy or girl, gets treated the same.

Teach children young and instill their sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Knowing their rights, is not the same as knowing their responsabilities!

Training in the Martial Arts creates lasting friendships and a sense of pride in each others achievements.

The bond we form is like no other activity and we always have each others back.

Martial Arts is something we can do our entire lives, even into our older age, we just compensate for the things we can no longer do by changing things to suit our situations. 

Three Amigos
Most frequent questions and answers

You will probably be nervous, this is quite normal. Whenever we start something new, especially where there are people we do not know, we worry that we will not fit in. You will be welcomed in by our very friendly students and myself of course!

Wear anything that is loose, jogging bottoms and T shirt for example. We train in bare feet.

No need to worry, the first two classes are free, for payment after that, go to the `Fees` menu at the top of the page.

We do Self-defence techniques that requires a certain amount of contact, but they are all done with your safety in mind. When we spar, we wear feet and hand protection. If you do not want to spar, no problem, students are not forced to spar, you can do padwork instead or/and as well.

Give yourself 4 to 5 weeks, and if you want to stay, then we can talk about these things. All the prices are on the `Fees` page. I do not hide anything, what you see is what you pay



Emilija showing she has good technique and focus.


Master Craig Diaz, demonstrating the finer points of the Sword.


Master Paul Pears, Beach training in Corfu.



Teaching and guiding the next generation of students