Hereward College

Bramston Crescent, Tile Hill, Coventry. West Midlands. CV4 9SW

Mondays …………. Closed due to `COVID-19`

Yu Kang Do Karate – 6pm – 7pm

Adults and Children – from 8 years of age.


Master Paul Pears 6th Dan – Founder, Chief Instructor & Examiner.


Each lesson is £7.00 per person (paid in each class) when you first start, then your fee is paid monthly thereafter and all prices are below. You can pay the monthly fee straight away if you prefer and it is cheaper. The monthly fee can be by Direct Debit or Standing Order.

What you see is what you pay, NO hidden charges!

Single Student Training Fee

  • £25 per calander month

Family Training Fee

  • 2 family members: £38 per calender month
  • 3 family members: £48 per calender month

Karate Uniform

  • £25 for Children
  • £28 for Adults

Uniforms usually take around a week once ordered and they come Badged up and ready to train in, although some are kept in stock. These can be paid for weekly or monthly, to help spread out the cost.


Student Handbook & Grading Manual

  • £8 each

The Manual is a great addition to your training. It has the requirements for each belt test (syllabus) and what each belt colour means. It has information about Master Pears` history, what the badge represents, terminology etc. Once you have the Manual, any changes (to the syllabus for example) are free!


Self Defence Booklet

  • £5 each

This A4 Manual has been compiled by Master Pears and has good solid advice on how to Avoid and to be Aware of possible dangers. It also contains what to do if faced with an attacker/mugger and ways of dealing with the situation, both physically and mentally.


Combined `Annual` Licence and Insurance

  • £25 per student (adult or child)

You get 4 weeks of training with us, before this yearly insurance cover is due and it is something you have to have in order to train with us.


Gradings/Belt Tests

  • £28 for all Coloured belt (Gup) Gradings
  • £75 for all Black Belt (Dan) Gradings

The Grading/Licence books are supplied at no extra cost to you.

You get a signed and stamped A4 certificate, as well as your new belt. They are always presented to you on the day of the grading. These are all included in the grading price.

There is a minimum of 4 months between belt tests and at Master Pears` discretion.


Personal Tuition

These type of sessions are done in the privacy of your own home and are a great way for you to Enhance your own training and knowledge in the Martial Arts. They can be on a regular basis, or whenever you can fit them in around your life.

Master Pears also takes on `Private Students`, whether you have experience, or you are a complete beginner. You do not have to have any type of Insurance, purchase a Karate suit, or take any kind of gradings for these kind of sessions.

These sessions can be based on: Self-defence, Weapons, Forms, Karate or anything you need to improve upon.

  • £20 per hour per person
  • £30 (total price) for 2 persons training together

Workshops/Seminars/Master Classes

These are 2 hour training sessions and anyone (from 8 yrs) are welcome to attend, regardless of their style or experience. These sessions can be based on: `Forms and their Combat Applications`, `Weapons` or `Street Self-Defence`.

`Street Self-Defence` by its nature does involve some  `Adult Language`  and does have more  `Contact`.  These are for over 16`s only!

All the above catagories are Suitable for advanced, intermediate or complete beginners.

  • £15 per person