1. Always Bow upon entering & leaving the Do Jang, or training area.
  2. Always be courteous and have excellent manners.
  3. Try not to be late for your lesson, it disrupts the class.
  4. Always address your instructor as `Sa Bom Nim`, `Sir` or `Ma’am`.
  5. If you have not got anything good to say, then please do not say anything!
  6. Jewellery needs to be removed, for yourself and for the other students safety.
  7. Do not talk unnecessary whilst in class.
  8. Always keep your uniform (Do Bok) clean, ironed and look tidy.
  9. Keep your fingernails and toenails short and clean.
  10. Personal hygiene is an absolute must, use soap and deodorant etc.
  11. Never misuse your knowledge or skills.

Promote the values of your club by:

  • Staying healthy.
  • Having good physical & mental development.
  • Being proficient in Yu Kang Do.
  • Being respectful to yourself & others.
  • Being courteous.
  • Know your own shortcomings.