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1. The `inter-club` competition with Grandmaster Parkers club, draws ever nearer. There is still time to enter, just let me know. Anyone and any grade can enter. The two categories you can enter are:

  • Sparring - for safety and insurance purposes, you will need: Shin Pads, Foot Protector, Gum Shield, Head Guard and Gloves. Wearing a `Body Guard` is optional, but is `Essential` for females. If you would like a set anyway, let me know and I will get them at `cost price` for you. We will be sparring more in class for the adults and older children, so if you want to do the sparring, you will need a set. You will be able to pay weekly for these.  
  • Forms - any Empty Hand or Weapon Form.
The cost is £10 per student, whether you enter just one category or both. This is a great opportunity for you to shine and show off your talents. There is no pressure to enter, but it is worth having a go and you may even walk away with a Medal or a Trophy! It will be a great few hours for yourselves, even if you are not entering and for your family to come and show their support. There is a £3 entrance fee for spectators (family discount applies), this includes a Raffle Ticket.

The money raised will go towards the cost of the prizes and will help buy equipment for the club. I am selling Raffle Tickets in class and they are £1 a strip. Please buy one yourself, or for your family and friends. You can buy as many as you like!

2. From Friday 11th May 6pm - 7pm, there is a `Sparring Class` starting. This is only for the students entering the competition at the start and I will carry on the Sparring Class for all students (over 9 years of age), after the competition, but only if there is enough interest. Please let me know of your interest.

3. From Monday 14th May, only the students are allowed in the training room, once the class has commenced! Everyone is welcome to wait outside in the corridor, where adequate seating will be available, or you can wait in the reception area. This will allow students more space to practice and it is safer for everyone, especially when they are sparring or using weapons.

4. Check this Website and `Paul Pears Karate` facebook page regularly, as I post all sorts of information pertaining to the club and Martial Arts in general on them and it will keep you up to date with grading dates, seminars etc.

5. Please remember to Text, Email or Call me, if you cannot attend any class. If your child could not go to school or you could not go to work for any reason, you would let them know, I am no different!

Mobile: 07783 933 277

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Now go and train!

Master Paul Pears
Chief Instructor & Examiner

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