January newsletter

1. Some of you will never like the belt tests, but that is what it is... a test! Attend your classes regularly and work hard in them and you will pass with no problem.

"Your best will always be good enough for me"

2. If you are on Facebook, like my page: `Paul Pears Karate` and keep up to date with Seminar dates, Grading dates and other information that you may find useful. You can post your own Photos, ask questions, put your Articles on there, or anything you would like to share with the other students.
The other page I have is: `Korean Yu Kang Do`. This is a `Closed Group` and it is only for our club.

The seminars I teach are designed to delve deeper in to certain aspects of your Martial Art. If you have a favourite Form, One-Step, Grabbing Techniques, Weapons, or anything that you would like to spend more time going through in more detail, then let me know and I will endeavour to do the session on that topic and even more, if time allows.

Practicing at home is vital, especially if you only come to a class once a week and it will also keep what you learn, fresh in your mind. Home training is your `homework` and your body will remember what you do on a regular basis, this is called `Muscle Memory`.
                                        "Everyone has time to do something, NO EXCUSES! The more you do, the more you can do"

5. We will be doing an `inter-club` competition with Master Parker and his students from MPSK. This will be on Sunday 3rd June, 10am - 2pm, and any student can enter. It will be held at our club. The categories will be:

Sparring – This is a point system.

Forms - empty hand, weapons, musical forms and group forms, 2 or 3 people.

All details are on my Facebook pages as well.

Any student and any grade can enter, please support you club and get your name down. There will be medals and trophies to be won. I will put on an extra class just for this event (maybe every week or 2 weeks for an hour or so and the cost will be just enough to cover the room cost, my time will be free!). I would consider carrying the class on permanently if enough of you want it. This is a great opportunity to show off your talents and it is worth having a go. If you want to do the sparring, you will need gloves, head guard and shin/instep pads. I would get these as cheap as possible for you and would be at cost price only. The cost will be: £10 per person to enter each catagory.

Your Family and friends can come and watch or even help out.

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