june newsletter

1. NO classes on: Wednesday 20th, Monday 25th and Wednesday 27th June. This is down to the college having student leaving shows etc. you should have all received more than one text to this effect.

 2. I am on a family holiday for two weeks at the start of August, so there are NO classes until Monday 20th August, However, I am looking at teaching a 2 hour lesson on Sunday 26th August 10am – 12noon as way of a `Catch Up` class for you.  

Please choose one of the options below and let me know which one suits you best”.

Option 1: Pay your usual Direct Debit for August and come to the 2 hour lesson above for FREE.

Option 2: Pay your usual Direct Debit and I will refund you the difference in cash for the classes you miss. This means you miss out on the `extra` 2 hour lesson.

Option 3: Pay £7 for each class you attend in August and pay £14 for the extra 2 hour lesson.

Option 4: Pay £7 for each class you attend in August and not attend the extra 2 hour lesson.

“Please send me your email address if you have not done so already”

3. Make sure you make time to practice at home, the more you do, the more you can do!!! This will also keep what you learn in class, fresh in your mind. Home training is so important and is like your homework, your body will remember what you do on a regular basis and we call this `Muscle Memory`. Please find the time to do something, I can tell who practices away from class. Remember, No excuses… Only answers!

4. One of the parents complained about the classes finishing late, so I will endeavour to finish class earlier in the future, so we can bow out and finish on time.

The `first rule` of the club is `don`t be late`. It disrupt the class when someone is late, especially for the children and it uses up valuable time showing them where to stand again if in a different place.

If you come in late, wait to be asked to join in and go to the back of the class. When we line up again, stay at the back, so no one gets confused. To be honest, I do not care where I stand in class, just as long as I can train!

If I have to cancel a class, it is usually down to the college using all the rooms for their own usage throughout the year. I know mostly in advance, so I always try and get an alternative day, although I know that does not always suit some students.

5. Seminars will help your Martial Arts training and give you a greater insight to the chosen topic. I choose the topics depending on what I think students need to get improvement on or would like to do. Unfortunately, students do not let me know they want to go and when I cancel the seminar due to low numbers, they then let me know they wanted to go. I teach these at a low price compared to other clubs and association and I need a certain number to make sure the hall costs are covered. Seminars are for your benefit, please take advantage of them, before I am unable to teach them anymore.  

6. There will be a Grading on: Sunday 15th July 10am – 12noon. This is for: beginners to Yellow belt, Yellow to Orange belt and Orange to Purple belt ONLY. The next `Main Grading` will be September/October and hopefully everyone should be caught up by then. Obviously, the summer holidays will cause some disruption to classes and this will be taken in to account when I am selecting candidates who are ready to grade.  

Gradings are a way of measuring your progress and not a way of seeing whom is better than whom!

My Contact Details:


Mobile: 07783 933 277                Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Website: www.paulpearskarate.co.uk                       Facebook: Paul Pears Karate


Student `Grading & Handbook` are available for £8 each.

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July newsletter

v The monthly fee from September for one lesson per week will stay the same, £25.00 per student, per calendar month.

v If you receive a `Family Discount`, then that will stay the same great value and nothing changes for you. This must be paid on or before 7th of each month to receive the `Family Discount`.

v Each lesson is £7.00, which totals £28.00 for four lessons per month. Because you pay on or before the 7th of each month, you are entitled to a discount and only pay £25.00 per month. However, if you pay after the 7th, then you must pay the full amount of £28, or £35 if there are five Mondays in that particular month.

v Where there are five Mondays in any given month and one of them is a bank holiday, the lesson WILL NOT be on. However, if there are four Mondays and one is a bank holiday, the lesson WILL still be on as usual.

v Where there are five Mondays in any given month and none of them are a bank holiday, the lesson WILL be on as usual with no additional cost to you.

v When you are going on holiday, you can still pay your direct debit/standing order as usual and I will refund you the difference in cash. Or, you can cancel your bank transfer and pay £7.00 for each lesson that you attend in that particular month.

v The gradings will still be 3 - 4 months apart and the Suits, Gradings, Insurance costs, will stay the same.

v I may be willing to teach on a Sunday morning, either once a month or bi-monthly. This will only be for one hour and will have a specific theme, but only if there is enough interest from students.

Any questions, relating to any of the above, then please contact me.

Mobile: 07783 933 277
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: Paul Pears Karate

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