what is yu kang do?

Yu Kang Do is a Self-Defence system that was created by Master Paul Pears, in March 2008.

Yu - is the concept of [soft] unrelenting motion,21586514 10212007197308272 7125768474503062844 o like flowing water. Water is soft yet it can erode the strongest of rocks. Water moves in perpetual motion, unrelenting and constantly seeking a path. It rounds angular edges and conserves energy by conserving momentum, maximizing on its powerful energy.

Kang - is the concept of [hardness], like rock or steel. Without a strong foundation, there is no stability, form or longevity. It also has to do with determination of will, never giving in nor yielding, but always staying focused at the task as hand.

Do - is the [Way] or [Way of Life]. Martial Arts training will change the way you move and the way that you think. Anyone practicing our Martial Art, will have a more optimistic and a happier outlook on their life. There are no problems….. Only answers! You do not have to be fit or flexable, that will come with time and the right teaching.

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Classes & Directions

Tile Hill, Coventry

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