Sunday 1st July 10am - 12noon.

For Purple belt and above only!

You must already know the two basic forms as I will be teaching the Five Pyung Ahn Forms. Each form is different and some are quite hard to master the techniques. I will break down the individual moves and show you my take on the individual combat techniques.

Cost is £15.00

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extra class

There will be an `Extra class` on Sunday 26th August 10am - 12noon.

This is a `Catch up class` and it is to make up for the classes that are missing whilst I am my Annual leave in early August. Please see the June Newsletter for all the details relating to this matter.

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Sunday 15th July 10am - 12noon

This is for Beginner to Yellow Belt

Yellow To Orange Belt

Orange to Purple Belt

You will be notified if you are eligable to take this test.

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