martial arts tournament

23799946 10211159819097556 4755491199937877158 oI am arranging a friendly `Inter-Club` competition with Grandmaster Ian Parker 8th Dan and his students. I would like all students (including parents) to get behind the club on this and make it a really awesome event for yourselves and your family can come and watch. Any student can enter, regardless of rank and it will be a really great opportunity for you to shine and show off your talents.

This will be on Sunday 3rd June and it starts at 10am and will finish around 2pm. There will be: a `Forms section` and a `Sparring section`. You can enter either or both and you will have the chance to win a Medal or a Trophy…. or maybe both!!!Forms: This will be in 2 parts, with or without a Weapon. In both sections, the judges will be looking for: Good stances, good use of power, balance, focus and good technique, these are the things that I personally look for in a grading and if you treat it like a grading, you will do really well! You can show any Form that you want and we can concentrate on that particular Form in class.Sparring: This will be `Minimal Contact` and safety of all participants is the main thing here and any excessive contact will lead to a disqualification!!! You will score points with: Hand technique to the head area - 2 points, kick to the head area - 3 points, Hand technique to the body area - 1 point and a kick to the body area - 2 points. You will have to wear protective equipment for sparring, Gum shield, hand, foot and head protection. I will be getting these for those that want to spar. We will be doing, Blackout cards and maybe a Raffle, to cover these costs.I will run `Special Training` classes for you and they will focus on just for what you need for this event. They can be weekly or bi-weekly and on a week day evening, Saturday morning or on a Sunday morning/afternoon, depending on when everyone can make it. The cost will be no more than, £3.50 a class and it is just to cover the hire of the room, I will give my time to you for free! I will be helping you with all you need to know and with what the rules are for the tournament, in these classes.So get your name down as soon as possible and let me know which category you want to enter. We can then start the `Extra Training` classes when I know who is doing what. The cost is only £10 per student for either or both categories. If it goes well and it is something students enjoy, maybe I will arrange another one for the future.

Pil Sung
Master Pears

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december 2017 grading

Grading on: Thursday 28th December 2017 -  Starts at: 6pm

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This replaces the postponed grading from the 10th December.

All candidates should attend.

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november 2017 seminar

22449961 1461428070639163 6806341053825785850 nThis seminar from November, went really well and we all enjoyed 2 hours of weapons training.

This was only open to students, who Master Pears feels will benefit the most and who has the discipline to train for 2 hours without messing about.

This seminar will be on the `Staff` and the `Double Knife` Forms, along with some applications. There are only 12 places, so you will need to get your name down and fee paid in quickly, to secure your place.

First come, first served!

** Next seminar will be in January 2018 **

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october 2017 Seminar

15thoctThis is after our seminar on the 15th October 2017. We covered our `Jong Ji Hyung`. This translates to: `Courage & Wisdom Form`.

This is usually learnt in 3 parts and we managed to go through all of it on the day. We trained in some of the `Applications` from it and it is designed to give you the `Courage` to face most situations and the `Wisdom` to know what to use and when!

Derek was awarded his 3rd Dan. Eve and Fern were awarded their Red Belt (2nd Gup). Great session and I look forward to the seminar in November.

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