training advice

The best advice I can give you is: Learn as much as you can in each class and practice at home! BONG STUFFComing to class once a week and doing nothing until your next class, is pointless and you will have achieved.... nothing! Learn what I teach in your class, go home and practice the same thing over and over again until it becomes second nature. I make every class different, that way, you will always have something new to practice at home.

These are the Foundations of your art. Without a good foundation, everything will eventually collapse.

These are the Structure of your art. Each form has its own set of Fighting moves and builds up a Combat Mind. 

One-Step & Grabbing Techniques
These are your Self-Defence Arsenal. These build up your knowledge and prepare you for any situation from a would be attacker.

There are a lot more that goes into making your art a great Civillian Self-Defence System! Collectivly, what you learn is developing you into a more Confident, Well Developed and Self Disciplined person.

Martial Arts are something you can practice all your life and will keep you strong and mentally alert, even into your older age.

Now..... Go and Train!!!

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