why yu kang do was created

In March 2008, Master Paul Pears created `Yu Kang Do`. This was after he had witnessed over the years, so many people being turned away from learning Martial Arts, because they did not fit that clubs criteria!MEANDCRAIG

You need a Martial Art that can adapt to the way YOU are, regardless of age, gender or ability!

You do not have to be fit or flexible, that will come with time and the right teaching and we
welcome anyone who wants to train in a Martial Art and learn Self-Defence.

In the Self-Defence techniques that we practice, the students safety comes first! That is why we only use `light contact`, as it keeps things as real as possible and it will not be as much of a shock if you are ever attacked. The use of Pads are essential, as they give you instant feedback on how it feels to strike, block, kick etc. 

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my thoughts on training

With each belt test that my students take, I expect more from them than the last test. Sounds straight forward enough, right? Well that is not always the case!

Some get complaisant and stagnate, whilst others, progress at a greater pace. This is down to the individual, as some are quite happy to just come along and use it as a hobby and/or just self-defence. The others want more from their training and will do something more about it!

You can still achieve a reasonable degree of competency, but with anything in life, you only get out what you put in!

So what is the answer........?

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training advice

The best advice I can give you is: Learn as much as you can in each class and practice at home! BONG STUFFComing to class once a week and doing nothing until your next class, is pointless and you will have achieved.... nothing! Learn what I teach in your class, go home and practice the same thing over and over again until it becomes second nature. I make every class different, that way, you will always have something new to practice at home.

These are the Foundations of your art. Without a good foundation, everything will eventually collapse.

These are the Structure of your art. Each form has its own set of Fighting moves and builds up a Combat Mind. 

One-Step & Grabbing Techniques
These are your Self-Defence Arsenal. These build up your knowledge and prepare you for any situation from a would be attacker.

There are a lot more that goes into making your art a great Civillian Self-Defence System! Collectivly, what you learn is developing you into a more Confident, Well Developed and Self Disciplined person.

Martial Arts are something you can practice all your life and will keep you strong and mentally alert, even into your older age.

Now..... Go and Train!!!

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faced with an attacker


Trust your `gut instinct`, it is usually right. It is a primeval built-in indicator that our ancestors had to live by every day just to survive. Very rare it will be wrong! Once you are certain you are in a situation that is uncomfortable, I recommend that in response, you do the three things below and in the order I have put them.
Try to talk them down 

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Dexter, just suited and booted

This is Master Pears Grandson, Dexter. He is just 4 years old and is proving to have great promise as a student and he already knows his ABC`s: Attitude, Behaviour and Character!

Parents please take note, "Get them off the X-box, it stunts their growth".

Martial arts improves their quality of life and gives them a sense of worth. It is a great moment for any instructor to have such a young student take a keen interest in Karate, fantastic!!

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forms practice

karate1Hyung, Kata, Poomse etc are combinations of self-defence moves put together in a pre-arranged pattern. 
There are forms in nearly every Martial art and knowing the moves, are really just not enough! The student and teacher should know what the combat applications are and how they are applied. If you only know the moves on their own, then what`s the point! Forms are a great way of training, especially when you do not have a training partner. When you execute the forms in the manor they were created, then you will not only gain a great way of self protection but attain a high level of fitness and awareness of your own body mechanics.... 

Most traditional styles of martial arts have the same forms, but are executed slightly different. By this I mean, the originator of a certain form passed their knowledge and system on to their student/students. Over the generations, the `translation` of forms have changed. 

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the five tenets

All Martial Arts these days, should have their own codes that they live by. As a Martial Arts practitioner and as an instructor, I have a responsibility to live by these codes and in turn, pass them on to my students.

1. Always be proud of who you are and where you come from
You should be proud of your country and promote it in a positive manner.

2. Always be loyal and loving to your parents & loved one`s.
Look after your parents in their later life, as they looked after you growing up. Always be Respectful and be Considerate of your Partners feelings.imagesBJ5X4I3R

Have trust and honesty amongst your friends.

Honesty and truth is what makes for a great lasting friendship.

4. Never retreat in the face of an enemy or a problem. 
Facing a difficult situation and not running away, will make you a much stronger person.imagesIB2G8WO4

Never misuse or abuse your Art.  
Only use your Martial skills in 
protection of yourself and law and order. Don`t be the aggressor.

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A lifetime of Martial Arts

I'd like to say that my inspiration for martial arts was a deep seated need to be a world champion martial artist, truth is I was bored! Thankfully, at age 15, myself and a friend stumbled upon a Karate class being held in the
POSE 2Holbrook community centre in Coventry, just a stone`s throw from where we lived. Forty five years later, I can honestly say, at that point, the only thing I wanted was..... never to be bored again!!

Fortune favoured me that day... 

We didn't dive straight in, I was too timid in those days, my friend and I peered through the windows and watched, trying desperately not to make eye contact with the class members, about two weeks later my friend coerced me into taking a class, I was caught, hook, line and sinker. The Martial Art was 
Wado-Ryu. I trained once a week, to start with, but quickly stepped up to twice a week & then three times a week. Finally, I had found something that was to become my lifelong passion. I have experienced many Martial Arts over the years and I enjoy learning the history behind them. Consequently, despite having more than two decades under my belt (pardon the pun) I had never attained a black belt in any one art. It was time to choose and commit to one. 

Tang Soo Do came my way by pure luck!

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Um-Yang philosophy

img coree 700x450Um-Yang represents a theory that the Korean people believe in. They believe that: within the universe,  there co-exists equal elements of opposites and these are: Light/dark, heaven/earth, right /wrong, love/hate, good/evil, strong/weak etc. The ancient scholars believed that, it is the interaction of these two forces, which makes up the dynamic shape of movement of life that we see all around us. The symbol for the Korean Um-Yang is a red top half and blue bottom half and has a squiggly flowing line through the middle. It has been said that, the symbol represents two dragons swallowing each other in a constant rotational pull that is without any beginning or any end. It is really important to understand that the symbol is not just a circle divided into two halves.

It is always good to note that, the interaction of the different degrees ofopposites, are always equal. All things, human or animal, must learn to co-exist and learn to create a harmonious balance to develop the ultimate good within nature mankind and the universe.

Using the analogy of building a house
Building your 'moral character' and 'physical attributes' are the fundamental basis of Martial Arts and is to my mind, likened to building a house. First you must lay your foundations (Basic techniques, stances and combinations). Then one would build the structure which gives the house strength (forms and their applications). You would not build a house on a foundation of sand or lose gravel, because if you did, the house would surely move or collapse in a heap of rubble. Not learning the basic development of any Martial Art from white belt through to black belt and beyond is like using inferior materials for your houses foundations. It is this concept that the Um and Yang utilises to develop a harmonious balance within "oneself," humanity, nature and the universe.

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Grand Master Parker!

10945766 10155157878655010 8356635986201723865 n Grandmaster Ian Parker 8th Dan. His knowledge of self-defence is amazing and he shares his knowledge freely.
Grandmaster has always welcomed Master Pears with open arms and they are also close friends.

2014-05-25 09.48.24

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